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Physical Therapy provider performs Pre-Season Athletic Screens for Students of the Freeport, PA School District

Pre-Season Athletic Screens were held for over 60 Freeport athletes on Saturday, May 21, 2011, at the Freeport High School gymnasium. These screens were performed by the WESTARM Therapy & Nursing staff and ran from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm. The staff evaluated all of the major joints of the body and identified potential weaknesses so that a potential exercise program may be implemented to correct them before the fall 2011 season arrives. These screens by no means replace a student’s physical for the upcoming school year. The form, however, may be of help to the physician that performs a physical prior to participation. In the past, a number of athletes were lost to injuries that could have been identified and prevented prior to participation. It is the idea of pre-participation screens to help prevent this from occurring. Impact concussion testing was also performed on that day.

The team physician, Dr. Michael Rytel, was on hand to look at any existing problem that may have needed immediate attention. An additional form was passed-out at the screens that provided basic information on the athlete (weight, height, vertical leap, 40-yard dash). The coaches were present and it was strongly recommended that all student athletes attend. WESTARM Therapy & Nursing provided this as a service to the school district at no charge.

The following WESTARM staff participated in the event:

  1. William L. Siegel, MA, ATC, Freeport Athletic Trainer
  2. Mark Bayha, PT, Director of Clinical Operations
  3. John Pullano, PT, Facility Director, Sarver
  4. Mike Dunham, DPT Facility Director, Pittsburgh Mills
  5. Luke Ladouceur, MSPT, Facility Director, Leechburg
  6. Bill Thompson, PTA, Staff Therapy Assistant, Leechburg
  7. Kelsey Cushey, DPT, Facility Director, Kittanning
  8. Kristy Grande, DPT, Staff Therapist, Lower Burrell


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