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Industrial Rehabilitation & FCE

Specializing in the treatment of work related injuries.

No one knows better than an employer that a company’s productivity depends on the health and performance of the employees. Employee injuries cost money in a variety of ways.

The Occupational Healthcare Program of WESTARM Therapy & Nursing can help employers minimize those expenses. Our community-based facilities can serve a full range of outpatient rehabilitation needs-from acute injury through return to work. Our skilled staff of licensed therapists are supported by the most advanced treatment procedures available.

WESTARM Therapy & Nursing has the expertise and technology to help employers prevent accidents on the job and if an accident does occur, to get injured employees back to work faster.

Our Services

Functional Capacity Evaluation An FCE is an assessment for workers who have suffered injuries that could affect their employment. The worker’s ability to perform work and their physical tolerances to a variety of real and / or simulated work activities are assessed.

Injury Prevention services are offered through employee strength and mobility evaluations, pre-employment screenings, job site analysis and safety programs.

Injury Rehabilitation The sooner injured workers are evaluated and treated, the sooner they can return to work as productive employees and the greater the probability that they can be returned at their pre-injury level. Comprehensive rehabilitation services include:

  • Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy
  • Work Conditioning/Job Simulation and Functional Capacity Evaluations

In order to comply with the PA Workers’ Compensation Reform Act, we will assist you in setting up a panel of healthcare practitioners to treat injured employees during the first 90 days from onset of injury.

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