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Occupational/ Hand Therapy Rehab

Hand Rehabilitation offers comprehensive care for injuries and disorders to the hand and upper extremities. At WESTARM, a combination of Certified Hand Therapists/Occupational Therapists, advanced therapeutic techniques and state-of-the-art equipment returns each patient to the highest level of function possible.

Our Therapists are experienced in treating patients with postsurgical conditions, overuse injuries (tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome), traumatic injuries (fractures, sprains), disuse/dystonia and paralysis related to stroke, severe arthritis and spinal cord injury.

For management of hand impairment related to disease or deformity, the primary concerns of hand rehabilitation are to prevent progression of limitation, reduce pain or discomfort, and improve mobility, function, dexterity, and strength. The primary concerns for the traumatic injury or post-surgical patient are the control of pain, inflammation, edema, stiffness, or adverse effects of adhesions and spasticity. Splints may be required to stretch contractures, prevent and correct deformities, shape scar tissue formation, and protect the surgical repair.

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