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Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy staff is thoroughly trained to treat orthopedic and neurological problems in patients of all age groups – from pediatrics to geriatrics. Our therapists possess a high level of expertise and a unique understanding of how the individual components of the human body’s neuromuscular system work together to perform a given activity.

During your initial visit, you will be given a thorough biomechanical evaluation, from which we will analyze movement patterns and design a treatment program to address your specific deficits. Your treatment goals will attempt to decrease pain, increase mobility and improve function. Our professional staff utilizes several different modalities (heat, cold, electrical stimulation) to prepare tissues for stretching procedures and to enhance your ability to perform an individualized therapeutic exercise program.

Specialty Programs

  1. Aquatic Therapy (Lower Burrell, Kittanning & Vandergrift)
  2. FCE & Industrial Rehabilitation (Pittsburgh Mills, Sarver & Kittanning)
  3. Pediatric Rehabilitation (Leechburg only)
  4. Incontinence Rehabilitation (Leechburg & Pittsburgh Mills)
  5. Neurological / Vestibular Rehabilitation (New Kensington, Sarver, Pittsburgh Mills, Lower Burrell & Leechburg)
  6. SUPERfeet Customized Orthotics (New Kensington & Leechburg)
  7. TMJ Management (Sarver & New Kensington)
  8. Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation (Pittsburgh Mills only)

  9. Massage Therapy (New Kensington, Leechburg, Kittanning, Lower Burrell)
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